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IDW Publishing Announces Heist Thriller Cat Fight From Andrew Wheeler and Ilias Kyriazis (Exclusive)

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IDW will publish the six-issue miniseries Cat Fight, a new heist thriller from GLAAD Media Award nominee and Eisner Award winner Andrew Wheeler (Sin of the Black Flamingo) and Ilias Kyriazis (Collapser). The series follows “a debonaire jewel thief whose decadent sensibilities and taste for high-powered thrills inadvertently lead him down a path of illicit intrigue.” Auguste is inking the series, with colors by Dennis Yatras. Here’s the official synopsis:

Caught up in the glamor and excessive lifestyle of an international career criminal, Felix Lamarr lives only for the thrill of the next big score. Suddenly contacted by his estranged and wealthy grandmother, he is shocked to learn that she is a storied career criminal herself—the lithe and legendary burglar Kitty Midnight—and that she wants him to partner with her cat-themed associates on a lucrative upcoming heist. Unaccustomed to collaboration, Felix declines Kitty’s offer…but a shocking incident sends his life into a sudden, chaotic tailspin. Framed for murder and on the run from a mysterious syndicate, he leaps at full-throttle from one international hot spot to the next in a deadly game of cat and mouse!

(Photo: Ilias Kyriazis, IDW Publishing)
(Photo: Morgan Beem, IDW Publishing)

“I’m so excited for readers to escape into our world of glamorous adventure! Cat Fight is an action thriller about family and connection in an age of disconnection, a vacation from gray skies and ordinary lives,” Wheeler says in a statement. “The art team has done an incredible job bringing this breakneck ride to life. It’s John Wick meets Kill Bill meets…well, Cats!”

“The most exciting part of working on Cat Fight has been drawing breakneck, globe-trotting action sequences in collaboration with Avgo and Dennis Yatras, two incredibly talented Greek artists that I’ve had my eye on for some time now,” Kyriazis adds. “Plus, I really do enjoy drawing cats…even though I suspect it may have made my own cat jealous.”

(Photo: Alex Moore, IDW Publishing)
(Photo: Sweeney Boo, IDW Publishing)
(Photo: Veronica Fish, IDW Publishing)

Cat Fight mixes suave characters, fashion, and the chaotic claws of cat-themed jewel thieves, all under the watch of an Eartha Kitt–inspired leading lady… so the second this pitch came across my desk, I knew it would be a hit,” says senior editor Heather Antos. “Mix that with Andrew’s clear vision for the series and Ilias’s cleverly crafted visual storytelling alongside Dennis and Avgo’s finishes, and we’ve got a fun and colorful litter that no one can deny.”

Cat Fight #1 will be available with multiple variants, including Cover A by Kyriazis, Cover B by Morgan Beem, and retailer incentive variants by Alex Moore, Veronica Fish, and Sweeney Boo. Cat Fight #1 goes on sale in May.

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