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The Ancient Magnus’ Bride Shares Season 2 Trailer: Watch

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It looks like we’ve been given a new look at The Ancient Magus’ Bride! If you did not know, the series is planning on dropping a new season this spring, and fans of the supernatural fantasy are ready to see how the comeback fares. Now, a new trailer for season two is live, and it reunites us with everyone from Chise to Elias and beyond.

As you can see below, The Ancient Magus’ Bride season two will continue to explore Chise’s newfound powers as well as her tie with Elias. The animation by Studio Kafka looks solid in this promo, so slice-of-life fans can rejoice. It seems The Ancient Magus’ Bride will keep its low-key plot in season two given what we see in this trailer. But of course, we’ll get some standout moments along the way.

For those who haven’t caught up with The Ancient Magus’ Bride, it is easier than ever to binge the anime. Season one is airing in full on Crunchyroll, after all. A set of three OVA specials can also be streamed online as they went live in Fall 2021. And of course, season two will premiere in April 2023.

Need more information on Kore Yamazaki’s hit series? You can read up on the official synopsis of The Ancient Magus’ Bride here: “Suffering a tragic childhood, Chise Hatori has lost all hope for happiness until a mysterious mage named Elias takes interest in her aptitude for magic. Unaware of what lies ahead, he decides to make her his apprentice and his bride.”

What do you think about this latest look at The Ancient Magnus’ Bride? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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