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The E*Trade Baby Is Back in New Super Bowl Commercial

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Super Bowl LVII was held on Sunday night, and it delivered a lot of staples of the big game — epic plays, a highly-anticipated halftime show, and some surprising commercials. A lot of those commercials included the returns of pop culture favorites, including none other than the E*Trade Baby. The mascot has been a unique part of the mascot world since he first appeared in 2008, and after making a triumphant return for the first time in nearly a decade during the 2022 Super Bowl, he is back once again.

A new Super Bowl spot for the company aired during the second quarter, showing the baby attending a wedding of other babies — which they are able to save for, thanks to E*Trade by Morgan Stanley.

“We’re excited to have [the baby] continue to help consumers get off the bench and take charge of their financial lives,” E*Trade CMO Andrea Zaretsky explained in an interview with Adweek. “In this environment, now couldn’t be a better time for that message in terms of consumers and the economy.”

“[The baby is] very authentic to the E*Trade brand. We’ve always had an irreverent tone, and we’ve really focused on making sure that we tell truth,” Zaretsky said. “So we think the E*Trade baby is the perfect symbol for the brand and particularly in this market. He’s irreverent, he’s street-smart, an everyday hero.”

“We’re excited about it as a tentpole in our larger marketing efforts and strategy for this coming year,” Zaretsky said. “We’ve always traditionally had a sports audience. So for us, it continues to be very authentically right. And as we’ve grown our value proposition, it’s an even bigger opportunity to be in front of that mix.”

In the time since the E*Trade advertisement aired, viewers of the Super Bowl have shared their reactions — positive, negative, and everything in between — to his return. Here are just a few of those reactions.

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