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Dragon Ball Super Releases New Preview for Chapter 90

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Dragon Ball Super‘s next big chapter is only a few days away, and the manga has released a new preview for Chapter 90 of the series with a look at the early rough drafts of its first few pages! The manga is now in the midst of its newest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero influenced arc, and has fully introduced the teenage Goten and Trunks to its pages. Taking place before the events of the feature film, this new arc has begun giving more background on some of the new characters we met in the movie through a new lens. 

With the previous chapter of the series teasing that Trunks and Goten would be facing a much tougher problem from Dr. Hedo (and some potential romantic waters to sail through with Mai), fans aren’t really sure what to expect from this next piece of the slice of life arc. But thankfully we have gotten yet another look at what is coming in Chapter 90 of the series with the first few pages as shared by the series’ official website (and spotted by @DbsHype on Twitter) below: 

What’s Happening in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90? 

The first pages for Chapter 90 of Dragon Ball Super seem to tease a follow up to the attack from Dr. Hedo’s monsters in the previous chapters, but for Trunks and Goten it’s just another phase of their daily lives. But after trying to go to school, Goten is interrupted by a strange new foe. As the series continues to make its way through this casual super hero story, there’s no real way to guess where it could all be leading to from here on out. Especially because we know it’s supposed to lead into the events of the movie. 

But that’s also what makes each new chapter of the series exciting. As Goten and Trunks continue their life as super heroes, eventually we’re going to see it lead to a climactic final fight that utilizes its full super hero story like set up. There’s also the potential of getting much more of Trunks’ romantic life, and that’s not really something this manga has had time for outside of its battles. 

What are you hoping to see in Dragon Ball Super‘s next big chapter? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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