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Will Attack on Titan Add Anything Original to Its Final Episodes?

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One of the biggest anime events of 2023 is easily Attack on Titan’s final episodes, with Studio MAPPA returning to bring the dark anime adaptation to a close. With the ending already having played out in the pages of the manga from Hajime Isayama, it still carries quite a bit of controversy considering how the battle featuring the Scout Regiment and Eren Jaeger ended. With the first episode of the grand finale airing on March 3rd, is it possible that MAPPA and Isayama might be planning to add in new material?

Attack on Titan’s final episodes will be two long entries that will focus on the Survey Corps’ mad dash to halt Eren Jaeger and his army of Colossal Titans from eliminating most of the world’s population, and despite claiming a ship to hasten their journey in previous episodes, it looks like they might be too late to save the nation of Marley. With Eren now having the power of the Founding Titan, stopping him might be impossible for Armin, Mikasa, and the Scouts’ former enemies who have become allies. With the final chapter of the manga, Isayama himself created new pages to make a “Director’s Cut”, which gave some shocking new material that might make its way into the anime adaptation.

Attack on Ending

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet as to the inclusion of new material to the anime that had never made its way into the manga, though when Isayama did visit Anime NYC for his first visit to North America, he expressed his desire to potentially change the story of the dark franchise if he could:

“Whenever I look back at the story that I wrote, I have so many things that I wish that I could have done differently. It’s almost hard to name exactly what that was. Every time I look back on my stories, I’m always thinking about you know-remorse, and regret is what I feel from looking back on my own stories.”

Isayama has been adamant that he isn’t planning on creating a sequel to his beloved manga, though he hinted at the idea that he might return to the universe via a story focused on Levi’s earlier life. MAPPA surely has worked closely with Isayama when it comes to the anime adaptation, so there is definitely the possibility that the ending is tweaked to follow further where Hajime might have taken the series with what he knows now.

Could you see MAPPA flipping the script to change Attack on Titan’s controversial ending for the anime adaptation? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Titans. 

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