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Disney Lorcana Reveals New Kind of Card

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Disney Lorcana has revealed a new kind of card ahead of its release later this year. Ravensburger has revealed a new “Magic Mirror” card via social media. Unlike previous cards revealed for the game, “Magic Mirror” is an item card that allows players to draw a card, presumably by spending some kind of resource. Keep in mind that mechanics for Disney Lorcana haven’t been revealed yet, so we can only guess exactly how the card will operate. You can see the card reveal below: 

In other Disney Lorcana news, was able to confirm that Disney Lorcana will have a Companion App, although its content and use has yet to be revealed. The companion app was first reported on by the Citizens of Lorcana podcast, who shared images of product mock-up shown off at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. was then able to confirm the app with Ravensburger. More details about the Companion App will be revealed closer to launch.

Disney Lorcana is a new trading card game set to be published by Ravensburger this fall. Each player is an “Illumineer,” a sorcerer with the ability to summon various characters from across Disney’s many stories. Characters summoned by players are “Glimmers” of actual Disney characters, and the game will involve quests of some kind along with an overarching storyline. Ravensburger hopes that Disney Lorcana will be an equivalent to Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon Trading Card Game, with plans to support a robust organized play system and quarterly releases. 

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