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IShowSpeed Tries to Cook Corn Dog During Twitch Stream, Nearly Ends in Disaster

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IShowSpeed, better known as simply Speed, tried to cook a corn dog during a recent Twitch stream and it nearly ended in disaster. Speed is one of the most chaotic Twitch streamers on the platform. While some of it is probably somewhat authentic and not totally staged, he does appear to lean into a character and play into his own stupidity. Almost every time he is on camera, something absurd happens. Whether he is the direct cause of it or not is a different story, but he is certainly a notable variable in all of the chaos and that continues to be true time and time again.

In his latest piece of chaos, IShowSpeed was trying to fry a corn dog in his room for whatever reason. He was unhappy with the speed at which it was cooking and decided that he could speed it up by pouring some milk in with it. Naturally, a fryer doesn’t mix well with milk. So, it starts to bubble up and intensify, causing a panic. Speed then rushes to unplug the fryer while his camera falls over. Thankfully, the disaster was averted and no one was hurt and there was seemingly no real damage done, besides possibly ruining the corn dog and maybe the fryer. It should go without saying, but please do not attempt to do this at home or pour random things into dangerous cooking appliances. It doesn’t end well and can cause serious damage, if not life changing or threatening injuries. 

This isn’t the first time Speed has caused some kind of dangerous chaos in his room. He once went viral for setting off fireworks in his own home, causing all kinds of chaos. At this rate, it’s likely not the last time Speed will do something like this. Whether or not he expected it to cause the kind of chain reaction it did is a mystery, but it does make for eye-catching content regardless.

What do you think of Speed’s antics on Twitch? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.

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