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Trigun Stampede’s English Dub Has Found Its Wolfwood

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Trigun Stampede has brought back Vash with a vengeance, as the new series from Studio ORANGE has introduced us to a new take on the Humanoid Typhoon and the desert planet that he calls home. With the English Dub bringing back Johnny Yong Bosch to voice Vash The Stampede decades following his role in the series, many fans were wondering if other English voice actors would be returning to their role. Now, Trigun Stampede has announced who will be taking on the role of Nicholas D. Wolfwood, one of the biggest characters of the franchise.

For those who might not be familiar with the “priest” who carries a giant gun on his back that looks like a cross, Wolfwood is an ally to Vash with motivations that might just make him an enemy lying in wait. While the original anime adaptation for Trigun saw Nic sticking around with the Humanoid Typhoon throughout most of his journey, it would seem that Stampede is hinting that his background might see him pointing his gun in the hero’s direction. Of course, what most anime fans might remember Wolfwood best for is his death, as the supporting character still has one of the most tragic deaths in the medium to this day.

Wolfwood The Stampede

Unfortunately, the original voice actor for Nicolas D. Wolfwood, won’t be returning to the role as Bosch did with Vash, though the series has confirmed that voice actor David Matranga will be taking the reins when it comes to the mysterious supporting character. Matranga, for those who aren’t familiar with his resume, is perhaps best known for his role as Shoto Todoroki in My Hero Academia’s English Dub, along with Bertoldt in Attack on Titan and several characters in the One Piece anime adaptation.

While Wolfwood and Meryl have been following along with Vash’s adventure through the desert planet, encountering his brother Knives and his nefarious forces, there is one major character that has yet to appear in either the original or current English Dub. Millie, the friend to Meryl and “kind of sort of” partner to Wolfwood, has yet to make an appearance though we would imagine that it will only be a matter of time.

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