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WWE Elimination Chamber Reveals Asuka as Bianca Belair’s WrestleMania Opponent

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It’s fitting that the first match of tonight’s WWE Elimination Chamber premium live event would be an Elimination Chamber match, and the winner of that match will get a shot at Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 39. The match features Asuka, Liv Morgan, Nikki Cross, Raquel Rodriguez, Natalya, and Carmella all attempting to secure their shot at the Title, and it was certainly a thrilling affair. After several big moments throughout and two surprising team eliminations, it was down to Carmella and Asuka as the final two. Carmella tried to pounce, but Asuka got the last laugh, and she will head to WrestleMania.

Asuka, Carmella, Rodriguez, and Cross were all out first and headed into their pods. Natalya and Morgan would start things off, and they would trade reversals before Morgan kicked out of a cover. Morgan then slammed Natalya into the side of the cage several times before kissing her cheek and then stomping on her.

Natalya would slam Morgan into Cross’ pod several times, returning the favor for earlier, and then Natalya would press Morgan against the side of the cage. Then it was time for a new entrant, and that was Rodriguez, who went right for Natalya. She clotheslined her and fended off Morgan while also slamming Natalya down. She then threw Morgan into the corner turnbuckle and threw Natalya into her next, and followed it up with a big splash on both.

Rodriguez threw Natalya across the ring and then hit Morgan with a fallaway slam, and then hit Natalya with a big kick to the face. Then all three were on the ground soon after, and Natalya got back to her feet and countered a move from Morgan, only to get countered and covered, but she kicked out. Rodriguez caught Morgan and Natalya hit both stars and went for the cover on Rodriguez but she kicked out. It was time for the next superstar to enter, and that was Nikki Cross.

Cross attacked everyone and didn’t even take her jacket off. She slammed into all three stars but Rodriguez stopped it only to miss her and run into the post. Cross then threw Natalya out of the ring but Morgan traded blows with her next, though Cross came out the winner of that exchange. Cross then launched Morgan into the chamber face first, and she then slammed Natalya into the side of the cage several times.

Cross did the same to Rodriguez, and then Cross pinned Rodriguez against the side of Carmella’s pod before climbing up the side and standing on top of Carmella’s pod. She finally took off her jacket and jumped down on everyone, knocking them down. It was time for the next superstar, and it would be Carmella. She went for covers on several stars on the mat but couldn’t get the pins, and then she taunted Asuka in her pod.

Cross was then after Carmella and she ran away and back into her pod, shutting the door and taunting Cross. Rodriguez then picked up Cross and slammed her through Carmella’s pod, and Carmella went to another pod to hide. Rodriguez then pinned Cross and eliminated her before being hit by Morgan’s codebreaker. Morgan started climbing up the side of the chamber and ended up on top of a pod. Rodriguez then picked up Natalya and slammed her into the corner. Rodriguez stomped on Natalya but was hit by a Sunset Flip by Morgan from the top of the pod. Carmella went to pin Rodriguez but she kicked out.

It was finally time for Asuka to enter the match, and though Carmella ran, Asuka chased her and slammed her head first into the pod and then into the side of the cage. Then she hit Carmella with a kick to the side of the face and sent her across the ring. Asuka locked eyes with Rodriguez, who blocked her strike and hit her with a shoulder tackle. Asuka then tried to lock in a submission, but Rodriguez got her up on her shoulder. Asuka got away and sent Rodriguez into the corner and Morgan hit Asuka and went for the cover, but she kicked out.

Morgan went for an Oblivion but Carmella ended up hit and Natalya locked Morgan in a Sharpshooter. Morgan tried to crawl towards the ropes, but Asuka then put Morgan’s arm into a submission while still in the sharpshooter, and Morgan couldn’t help but fade. She was eliminated by both Natalya and Asuka, and then they turned their attention towards each other.

Carmella hit Natalya with a big kick and covered her for the elimination, leaving only Carmella, Asuka, and Rodriguez. Rodriguez went for the Tejana Bomb on Asuka but Carmella then attacked her and the two traded shots on Rodriguez and eliminated her as a team. Carmella then went right tat Asuka and a cover but she kicked out. Asuka went for an Ankle lock but she rolled through and went for another cover, and then they traded roll ups. Asuka then got Carmella locked into the Asuka Lock and she had to tap, giving Asuka the win and sending her to WrestleMania against Belair.

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