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DC Just Revealed That Batman Is The Devil

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DC just made Batman The Devil – and not just any devil, either! The current DC storyline “Lazarus Planet” has concluded with Lazarus Planet: Omega, and the climax of the story leaves Bruce Wayne/Batman changed for the worse!


The Lazarus Planet event kicked off with Batman and his son Damian Wayne/Robin doing battle with the Devil Nezha, an immortal warrior/sorcerer/demonic entity. That battle left Batman mortally wounded, and in need of saving through Black Alice, who took some of the Lazarus magic that Nehza is powered by, in order to mend Bruce’s wounds. The magic ritual had a dark side effect, as Batman and Nezha were linked together – a reveal made in Lazarus Planet: Alpha, when Batman suddenly transformed into the demonic entity’s likeness, after Nezha himself was seemingly defeated by a team of Superirl, Swamp Thing, Poison Ivy,  Blue Devil and others. 

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In Lazarus Planet: Omega, the final fight for control of magic in the DC Universe comes down to Nezha and his adopted son, King Fire Bull, with Nezha battling using Batman’s body as his avatar. Unexpectedly, Nezha reverses course on his bid to seize all the power of the world’s collective Lazarus magic – instead he realizes in his thousands of years of “wisdom” that the wildly unpredictable energy needs to be redistributed to the sorcerers and mystical entities of the world. 

The explosive end to the fight has the Spectre finally step in and take King Fire Bull away, to be imprisoned in another realm. in all the chaos, Damian discovers Batman alive and back in his human form, fully healed. When Robin questions whether or not everyone made it out of the battle okay, Batman replies that all is well – however, his shadow on the wall clearly reveals that Nezha is still the one in control! 

Nezha has been fixated on Batman and his family all along, and now with the ulitmate human vessel to hide in, and influence minds from, Nezha is indeed poised to do real damage in the DCU. 

Who Is DC’s Devil Nezha? 

(Photo: DC)

The Devil Nezha began as jsut Nezha, son of an ancient Chinese warlord. After dying in battle, Nezha’s father, Li Jang, sought out the means to resurrect his son, eventually humbling himself into lowly servitude for a magician, who eventually gave Li Jang the knowledge to create and elixir of eternal life – that would become the source of power for the Lazarus pits. Nezha was resurrected and made immortal, but in a twist he hated his father for showing such weakness and killed Li Jang. Nezha built his own empire, amassing mystical items, power, and magic along the way, as “The Devil Nezha.”  

Eventually the Gods of China gave Nezha knew life as a divine being, with a mystical red sash to keep his dark nature at bay. Nezha did good in that time, even helping raise a surrogate son in the Heavenly Realm, Red Boy. However, when Red Boy and Nezha had a falling out, Red Boy became “King Fire Bull,” Nezha’s biggest nemesis. Nezha returned to his demonic form, and was sealed away by the Hosue of Ji. The Devil Nezha broke free in the 21st century and tried to possess the minds of heroes and villains across the world, only to be defeated by Batman, Superman and co. Through the machinations of Ra’s al Ghul’s family, Nezha was freed by tricking Damian Wayne, leading to the Lazarus Planet event that has now changed magic in the DCU substantially, going forward. 

Lazarus Planet: Omega is on sale at DC. 

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