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Hostess Introduces New Kazbars

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Hostess Brands is well-known for its beloved snack cakes, but now they’re launching a whole new crave-worthy product. On Wednesday, the brand announced a new, first-of-its-kind innovation within the snack cakes market, the candy bar-inspired Kazbar. The new product is described as combining layers of soft chocolate, cake, creme, candy crunch, and melt-in-your-mouth caramel or smooth fudge all covered with a rich chocolate-flavored coating topped with a drizzle. The snack is set to be available in two flavors, Chocolate Caramel and Triple Chocolate.

“We know that consumers are craving multitextured snacks — and the variety of creamy, crunchy and rich layers in our new Kazbars will make every snacking experience a more joy-filled one,” Christopher Balach, general manager of Hostess Brands said in a statement. “This new kind of snack delivers on the familiar, moist Hostess cake consumers know and love with a new, delicious fusion of layers and textures. The snack has performed strongly with consumers throughout product-testing, and we’re excited to see that translate in the marketplace.”

The new Kazbars are expected to hit store shelves nationwide in mid-March. They will come in two sizes with 10-ounce boxes containing eight, individually wrapped 1.25-ounce mini bars available at grocery and mass retailers while single, individually wrapped Kazbars in a 2.75-ounce size will be available at convenience stores in addition to grocery and mass retailers.

While Kazbars are a completely new category of snack offering, this is just the latest innovation from Hostess Brands. Last year, the brand launched caffeinated donuts as part of their snack lineup, with the treats offering up 50-70 milligrams of caffeine — roughly equivalent to a cup of coffee — in each jumbo-sized snack. You can go to the Hostess website here to find where you can buy these as well as other Hostess treats in their current lineup in your area.

“For adults who are increasingly looking for alternative sources of caffeine, our new Hostess Boost Jumbo Donettes offer a tasty, energy boosting, grab-and-go way to jumpstart the day,” Balach said in a statement last year.

What do you think of new Hostess Kazbars? Will you be giving this snack a try? Do you have a favorite snack cake that is your regular go-to? Let us know your thoughts on Kazbars as well as all things snacks in the comment section!

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