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The Last Airbender Co-Creator Shares the Challenges of Making Its First Movie

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Avatar: The Last Airbender is preparing to kickstart a new era. After making a resurgence in the last few years, Nickelodeon is putting in plenty of resources into its return. If you did not know, the original creators behind Avatar have founded a new studio just to roll out new projects, and a recent interview with Bryan Konietzko has revealed some of the challenges his team has faced working on Aang’s theatrical debut.

The update comes courtesy of Avatar Studios as the team did an in-depth interview with the co-creator. It was there Konietzko admitted he is thrilled with the process of creating a movie as an artist, but it is still hard to wrap his mind around.

“As an artist, that was really alluring to me. It’s executing it that’s the hard part, getting those ideas woven together in some sort of meaningful, satisfying way. Then [you have] to executive it in animation which is a really hard medium, especially hard to do consistently on schedule and on budget. I can’t wrap my head around the final mix and final color correction on the feature,” he shared.

Konietzko also said the movie production process was incredibly different from the one he experienced while making the Avatar TV series. This time around, his team has been given all the time needed to produce their perfect vision. “Now, we’re making a movie, our first movie. As cool as it is to work in television, feature films are where you get to really craft something where you’re not just rushing and having to put it out.”

Of course, fans are as eager to see the Avatar movie as Konietzko’s team is. The film, which is slated to debut in October 2025, will feature Lauren Montgomery as its director. Few details about the project have been shared at this time, but we do know the film will feature Aang’s original gang as young adults. So if you are ready to reunite with the dream team, the time will be here before you know it!

Are you excited to see what Avatar: The Last Airbender can do on the big screen? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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