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Chainsaw Man Cosplay Gears Up Power for Season 2

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Chainsaw Man fans are currently holding out for news on a potential second season of the series, and one awesome cosplay is making that wait even easier with Power! The first season of the anime taking on Tatsuki Fujimoto’s original manga series was the most highly anticipated new anime release of the last year, and it’s no surprise as to why given the response to each new episode. But as fans are hoping for a second season of the anime, there have been questions as to how much success the first season actually had for Studio MAPPA overall. 

As far as fans have been concerned, the first season of the anime definitely was a hit thanks to all of the fan favorite characters introduced into the series. The highest on the list overall is probably the Blood Fiend, Power, whose personality was not only a perfect match for Denji’s energy, but also a chaotic energy that completely twisted things around in unexpected ways. Now artist yaizaperezs on TikTok has given Power that Power she exudes with a pitch perfect cosplay! Check it out: 


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How to Catch Up With Chainsaw Man Before Season 2

Chainsaw Man has yet to confirm whether or not the anime will be coming back for Season 2 as of this writing, but it seems highly likely given not only the popularity of the first season, but also the fact that there were some big teases about what could be coming next as the first season came to an end. There are some huge arcs coming next for a potential Season 2, so now is the perfect time to catch up with everything that has happened so far to be ready for whatever is coming next. 

You can find the first season of Chainsaw Man now streaming with Crunchyroll, and they tease it as such, “Denji is a young boy who works as a Devil Hunter with the ‘Chainsaw Devil’ Pochita. One day, as he was living his miserable life trying to pay off the debt he inherited from his parents, he got betrayed and killed. As he was losing his consciousness, he made a deal with Pochita, and got resurrected as the ‘Chainsaw Man’: the owner of the Devil’s heart.”

Are you hoping to see Power and everyone else return with a potential Chainsaw Man Season 2? Let us know all of your thoughts about it and everything anime in the comments! 

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