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Odd Taxi Announces New Series, Root

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It looks like Odd Taxi is ready to make a comeback! After bringing a movie to theaters, the original anime is gearing up to drop a new series on fans. Today, the team behind Odd Taxi confirmed a new project is in the works, and it will bring two new leads to the franchise.

According to the gang, Root: Route of Odd Taxi is the new project being worked on. At this point, little is known about the series or its story, but we do know a few key details. For one, the project will kickstart in print thanks to a manga by Takeichi Abaraya. And second, this project will feature two new characters.

Sato and Rena will head up Root, and you can see art of the pair above, We can only imagine what kind of journey the pair will take in this new series when it debuts. And hopefully, they will find themselves crossing paths with Odokawa at some point.

If you are not familiar with Odd Taxi overall, you will want to check out the mystery ASAP. The show made its debut in 2021 under OLM and PICS. Odd Taxi became a quick hit with fans as audiences were hooked by the anime’s anthropomorphic leads and a missing person’s case. After all, Odokawa stumbles into a wild crime-ridden mystery as the taxi driver learns about a kidnapping while on the clock. And as more clients request rides from Odokawa, his work life takes a wild turn.

Currently, Odd Taxi is on a hiatus now that season one is done and its movie has left theaters. Root will be the first project to tackle the IP since early 2022. And hopefully, Root will find itself on the small screen with an anime of its own!

Are you excited for this new Odd Taxi title to go live? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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