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Resident Evil 4 Remake Confirms Mercenaries Mode

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Resident Evil 4 fans got some welcome news this week with Capcom confirming that the upcoming remake of the famed Resident Evil game will indeed include The Mercenaries, an extra mode from the original game. A departure from the normal story mode of Resident Evil 4, this Mercenaries mode tasks players with killing zombies as quickly as possible on different maps to rack up the highest score they can within a set time limit. The only catch here is that the mode won’t be available right away, however, and will instead be added to the game as free post-launch DLC.

PlayStation’s State of Play presentation is what brought us news of the confirmed Resident Evil 4 mode, an unsurprising appearance for the game given that past Resident Evil games have had some elements exclusive to the PlayStation platform. A trailer for the game showed off a number of different changes from the original to now with a brief segment of it dedicated to the Mercenaries mode.

“In addition to a glimpse at the confrontation between Leon and Krauser, the trailer also officially announced the return of The Mercenaries!” a follow-up post on the PlayStation Blog said. “The popular extra game mode that appears throughout the Resident Evil series will also appear in RE4. The team is hard at work on The Mercenaries, which will be available as free post-launch DLC.”

Not long ago, Resident Evil fans discovered that some of the DLC available for the game as part of the Deluxe Edition would lock treasures behind that purchase. That led to some concerns that other parts of the Resident Evil 4 package like the Mercenaries mode would be split up and sold separately given that the mode hadn’t been confirmed yet, so this latest announcement should assuage concerns about that sort of thing happening.

With this mode now confirmed, there are still a few other parts of the original Resident Evil 4 which haven’t yet been confirmed for the remake. Those include the Assignment Ada and Separate Ways modes, but neither of them have been mentioned yet by Capcom.

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