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Gears of War Developer Hiring for New Game

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Gears of War developer The Coalition is officially staffing up for a new Gears of War game, one that’s likely set to be the next mainline entry titled Gears 6 or some variation of that. More specifically, The Coalition and Microsoft are searching most recently for a senior gameplay designer to lead whatever is coming next for the Gears of War series. This job listing follows others shared throughout the month that looked to fill different positions all related to the Gears of War team, though no new game has officially been announced just yet despite there being rumors of Gears 6 in the works.

The job hunt for the senior gameplay designer was posted on Microsoft’s careers site on February 28th with the posting saying that Microsoft and The Coalition were looking for someone to help them “forge the future of the IP.” The desired person would “take ownership of major gameplay features from concept through to delivery” and would have experience in a similar field.

Job listings like these sometimes include verbiage or requirements that hint at things like online play, microtransactions, or other additions to games, but this job listing doesn’t give away much in the way of hints. With Gears of War soon to be on its sixth mainline game and the series already known for its story, online play, and optional cosmetic purchases, there’s not really much like that which could be revealed in a listing such as this one anyway.

As mentioned previously, this is just the latest of several roles The Coalition is looking to fill. Senior VFX artist, senior look dev artist, senior environment artist, senior multiplayer designer and more positions are all ones that have been posted between January and now.

Rumors about Gears 6 supposedly being in the works ignited once again earlier this year when it was suggested that The Coalition and Microsoft shuttered some projects amid recent layoffs at the latter. After those projects were canned, the focus reportedly turned once again to Gears 6.

Gears 6 will likely be the name of the new game, though it may return to the conventional naming with the full “Gears of War” series included in the name. The most recent Gears game, Gears 5, was the first to drop the “of War” part, a removal which some said left the game feeling a bit less punchy than those that came before it. 

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