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Michelle Ashford on Ciprien’s Surprising Journey (Exclusive)

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Sunday’s season finale of Anne Rice’s Mayfair was a wild one that not only saw the fulfillment of a centuries old prophecy that saw Lasher born — literally — into the world via Rowan’s child, but also saw some major developments for other characters in the series as well, especially Ciprien. Over the course of the season, Ciprien went from simply being the Talamasca agent assigned to the Mayfair case to having a personal interest in Rowan, to the point of actively trying to save her from Lasher has he developed romantic feelings for her.

The season finale saw Ciprien ultimately decide to work with the Talamasca despite knowing that they had a hand in bringing the prophecy to fulfillment by trying to take the newborn Lasher from Rowan. However, that plan doesn’t exactly work, with Rowan rejecting his claims of wanting to “protect” her, telling him that she cannot control her before she takes her son and walks away having fully embraced her power — and presumably Lasher himself.

For viewers, it’s been quite a journey for Ciprien, but it seems a bit as though he’s now following the path that Carlotta Mayfair took as well — with his desire to protect prompting him to make what might be a questionable choice. It’s something that series creator Michelle Ashford spoke to about in a recent interview.

“The interesting thing about Ciprien is he absolutely feels he’s on the side of right,” she said. “He loves Rowan. He’s grown to love Rowan. And so, he feels he’s doing this in her best interest. But you could make the argument that Carlotta also felt that she was doing this in the best interest of protecting Rowan. Rowan being a very smart and self-possessed and now complete witchy creature understands that control is control no matter what form it’s coming in and what is she going to do about that? So, yeah, we were laughing about the fact that in a weird way, Ciprien who is so lovey and adorable and rooting for him, and yet in fact it’s another form of control, which she’s already been down this path. So, yeah, so she’s got to go her own way.”

Will there be a second season of Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches?

AMC recently announced that Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches has been renewed for a second season. Production on Season 2 of the series is expected to begin later this year in New Orleans.

“What a start to our Anne Rice Immortal Universe, with two series that are driving cultural conversation, attracting significant linear viewership and now stand as the top two new series in the history of AMC+,” Dan McDermott, president of entertainment and AMC Studios for AMC Networks, previously said. “We are grateful for the way fans have responded to these shows and to the creative teams that delivered on the promise of these stories and characters in new and highly engaging ways. Thanks to… the entire cast of ‘Mayfair,’ led by the remarkable Alexandra Daddario, for delivering an entertaining and highly watchable series and putting firmly in place another key foundational element of this dynamic universe.”

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