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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Addresses Issue With New Tera Raid Event

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Yesterday, a new Tera Raid event was revealed for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which allows players to obtain two brand-new Pokemon in the Nintendo Switch game: Walking Wake and Iron Leaves. However, it seems that some players have encountered a glitch related to the event. Apparently, players that did not update the game to version 1.2.0 attempted the Tera Raids, and are not able to get Walking Wake or Iron Leaves as a result. The Pokemon Company has acknowledged this issue, and is apparently working on a fix. 

“We’re aware of an issue in patch v1.2.0 of #PokemonScarletViolet in which players catching a Pokémon Egg in the current Tera Raid event will prevent those players from catching Walking Wake or Iron Leaves. Thank you for your patience while we work on a fix,” the company wrote on Twitter. “Until this issue is resolved, we encourage all users to download v1.2.0 ahead of challenging the current Tera Raid event to avoid being affected by this bug.”

It’s somewhat surprising that players would attempt these Tera Raids without updating first! Scarlet and Violet probably should have blocked players from accessing online play without running the update first, which is usually what happens with first-party Switch games. For whatever reason, that didn’t happen this time, and it seems some players are having issues as a result!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet released on Nintendo Switch back in November, and the game’s bugs and performance issues immediately became a talking point. While the ninth Pokemon generation moved the series forward in a number of meaningful ways, many fans were not happy with the problems surrounding the game. This Tera Raid issue is clearly a bit different from Scarlet and Violet‘s other problems, but fans couldn’t help but draw comparisons. Hopefully The Pokemon Company will get this issue resolved soon, so that players impacted can obtain Walking Wake and Iron Leaves as intended!

Have you encountered this issue in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Have you tried either of these Tera Raids yet? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

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