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Berserk Cosplay Flips The Script on Guts

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While Attack on Titan might be the talk of the town at the moment, Berserk might still claim the crown as the darkest anime franchise that the world has ever seen. Following the story of Guts the Black Swordsman as he attempts to get revenge in a world littered with terrifying demons, the series has continued in the manga following the tragic passing of creator Kentaro Miura. Despite Berserk not having a current anime adaptation, cosplayers are still trying their best to bring the member of the Band of the Hawk to life.

For nearly a year following Miura’s passing, the fate of Berserk’s manga was up in the air as many believed that the story following the Band of the Hawk would never be finished. Luckily, Miura had informed his friend, Kouji Mori, of his intentions for the future of the series prior to his passing, with the writer continuing the series along with the artists at Studio Gaga. In recent chapters, Guts has been struggling with his place in the world as Griffith was able to not just kidnap Casca but also was able to completely eradicate the magical land of Elfhelm, a locale that seemed like the one place that might be able to stand up to the White Hawk and his new army.

Berserk: Guts’ Return

Instagram Cosplayer Arisu Majo brought the Black Swordsman to life once again, sporting not just his usual aesthetic, but perfectly recreating the Berserker armor that has saved Guts’ life more times than we can count while simultaneously causing him some serious injuries in the process:

The last time that Berserk hit the small screen was with the Berserk: Memorial Edition, which took the previous trilogy of films and re-edited them into episodic installments. At present, there’s been no word on Guts and company returning to the anime medium, though there certainly is plenty of material that a television series, and/or movie, could cover if they wanted to create a new Berserk anime series. 

Do you think we’ll see Guts and the remaining members of Band of the Hawk return with an anime series? What are your predictions for the eventual ending of Berserk? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Band of the Hawk. 

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