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Ishin Update Fixes Crashes and Other Issues, Patch Notes Revealed

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Like a Dragon: Ishin players got a new update this week alongside a set of patch notes detailing all sorts of changes in the way of resolved crashes, stuttering issues, and more. The patch notes include some platform-specific changes, too, with the PC version specifically getting several changes while others were released for all platforms. This update should be out already on the PC and PlayStation platforms with RGG Studio saying that the Xbox version should be live soon enough.

The patch notes for the update are relatively brief but most likely contain some notable fixes for problems players have probably noticed since starting the game. Part of the PC-only fixes include resolved stuttering issues as well as improvements for the display when using ultra-wide setups while other general fixes touch on teleporting enemies and more.

You can find the full patch notes for this update below:

PC version

  • Stuttering when effects are first loaded
  • Crashes on startup (on rare occasions)
  • The display of some UI elements being out of position on ultra-wide displays
  • Improvements to monitor selection and resolution settings displayed in a multi-monitor environment

All Platforms

  • Enemies unexpectedly teleporting in rare cases when activating a heat action near a door
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the use of special turrets placed on the stage
  • Crash bug when using the abilities of the Toranosuke and Yama-goroshi cards in certain Wanted Men mission
  • Fixed a bug that caused the progression to become impossible when bringing back a deserter from Mukurogai
  • Changes in heat gauge reduction behavior that is dependent on FPS
  • Issue of Health Gauge not increasing even if the player unlocks “Health Increase 1” on the Gunman skill
  • Other stability improvements and bug fixes

Gameplay Adjustments

  • The number of repeated button presses required while performing ‘Ichizu Samurai (Truehearted Samurai!)’ at the Singing Bar, have been reduced 

RGG Studio said that another update is in the works, too, one that’ll contain more fixes as well as some balance adjustments.

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