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New Sea of Thieves Game Officially Announced

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Steamforged Games has officially announced that they will be making a Sea of Thieves board game. After the board game company hinted that they were developing a game based on the popular Rare video game, Steamforged officially announced that they were developing a Sea of Thieves board game, which would launch later this year. Currently, no other details are available about the board game, but Steamforged has developed campaign-length exploration games and competitive team vs. team games, so just about everything is on the table. You can check out the official announcement down below: 

Sea of Thieves is an online roleplaying game in which players explore an open world as pirates, either cooperating with other players to complete missions or fighting them and trying to undercut them to steal their treasure. Sea of Thieves is notable for being a “living game,” in which new content is added regularly, adding more missions to complete and new cosmetics to collect. While the game received rather mixed reviews, it was a commercial success for Microsoft with over 30 million players. 

This wouldn’t be the first time that Sea of Thieves has found its way onto the tabletop. Mongoose Publishing previously released a Sea of Thieves Roleplaying Game that was released in 2020 and remains in print to this day. That game used a lightweight custom system built around custom dice and trait cards that could be flipped between two states depending on the character’s mood.

Steamforged is best known for its board game adaptations of various video games. Steamforged’s many game titles include games based on Horizon Zero Dawn, Resident Evil, and Dark Souls, many of which include detailed miniatures and numerous expansions. Major upcoming releases for Steamforged includes a Gear of War card game and an Elden Ring tabletop game. 

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