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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Reportedly in Mix to Replace Disney’s Bob Iger

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The second Bob Iger returned to Disney, it was made apparent the executive’s return was only a temporary measure until a new CEO could be found. Now, a shortlist of potential executives to succeed Iger has surfaced with a surprising name coming from the echelon of professional sports. Saturday, word quickly spread that current NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was one of the frontrunners to replace Iger as early as next year. Silver is currently under contract with the basketball league through 2024.

Other names on the list include Kevin Mayer, the executive that lead Disney’s direct-to-consumer efforts through the launch of Disney+. Shortly after Bob Chapek was named CEO after Iger’s initial successor, Mayer departed Disney to run TikTok’s operations within the United States. Now he currently runs Candle Media, a production company based in Los Angeles.

Another name reportedly on the shortlist, according to initial reporting by Fox Business, is Dana Walden, who is currently co-chief of Disney Entertainment. Walden has long been one of Iger’s most trusted lieutenants, first joining the company in 2019 after a long stint at Fox Television.

Earlier this year, Iger revealed that Disney has already formed a Disney succession planning committee, working to find the executive’s replacement as soon as possible.

“Now it’s time for another transformation, one that rationalizes our enviable streaming business and puts it on a path to sustain growth and profitability, while also reducing expenses to improve margins, and better positioning us to weather future disruption increased competition and global economic challenges. We must also return creativity to the center of the company, increased accountability, improved results and ensure the quality of our content and experiences,” Iger said at the time.

He added, “Now the details our company is fueled by storytelling and creativity. And virtually every dollar we earn every transaction, every interaction with our consumers emanates from something creative. I’ve always believed that the best way to spread great creativity is to make sure that the people who are managing the creative processes feel empowered.”

There’s no definitive timeline on when Iger’s successor will officially be named.

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