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New Nemesis Game Announced

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Awaken Realms has announced a third installment of the popular series of Nemesis board games. This week, Awaken Realms announced Nemesis: Retaliation, a new standalone expansion of their Nemesis franchise. In the third (and likely final, according to game creator Adam Kwapiński) installment, players will take on the role of Space Marines trying to fight back against the alien lifeforms attacking various ships and space stations. While the first two installments focused on surviving the aliens’ attacks, players will be better equipped to deal with the alien threats in this installment, although it’s not a guarantee that players will make it out alive. Nemesis: Retaliation will also add new aliens to fight and tools to battle. You can check out the trailer for the game down below: 

The Nemesis franchise has been a major money generator for Awaken Realms. The first Nemesis Kickstarter raised nearly $3.8 million and even made a cameo appearance on South Park. The second installment, Nemesis: Lockdown, raised over $5 million in 2020. Awaken Realms’ crowdfunding success led the company to create its own crowdfunding platform called Gamefound, which has quickly become an alternative to Kickstarter for many board game companies. 

Nemesis: Retaliation was one of several new games announced by Awaken Realms this week. The publisher also announced a board game adaptation of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and a new two player fantasy game called Dragon Eclipse that focuses on battling and capturing “majestic creatures”. 

More details about Nemesis: Retaliation will likely be revealed on the game’s Gamefound page, which can be found here. No launch date has been announced for the upcoming game. 

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