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WWE 2K23 Reveals DLC Roster and Season Pass Plans

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2K has already revealed an impressive roster for WWE 2K23, but like with WWE 2K22, 2K isn’t stopping there. Like last year’s edition of the game, WWE 2K23 will have five DLC packs as part of its Season Pass, and a host of Raw, SmackDown, and NXT stars will be added to the game as a result, as well as a few WWE Legends. Some of the biggest names featured in the DLC include Bray Wyatt, Tony D’Angelo, Scott Steiner, Rick Steiner, and Tiffany Stratton. The season pass will also feature the MyRise Mega-Boost, which includes 200 additional Attribute Points, and Supercharger, which unlocks all the base game WWE Legends and throwback arenas. We’ve got all the lineups, details, and release dates for all five packs below.

The season pass will kick off with the Steiner Row Pack, and just like the title implies, it will include Rick and Scott Steiner and Hit Row’s B-Fab, Top Dolla, and Ashante Thee Adonis. The 2nd DLC pack is titled the Pretty Sweet Pack, which will bring in two popular Tag Teams and a rising NXT star. That pack includes The OC’s Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, as well as Pretty Deadly’s Elton Prince and Kit Wilson. NXT fans will be happy to also see rising star Tiffany Stratton round out the DLC pack.

(Photo: 2K)

The 3rd DLC pack is titled Race to NXT, and as you might expect it will feature a host of NXT stars, though it will feature a WWE Legend as well. The pack includes Harley Race, Ivy Nile, Wendy Choo, Tony D’Angelo, and Trick Williams, and since Carmelo Hayes is already in the game, fans can recreate their partnership from Television. Sadly Stacks is not in the game, but you can certainly create him to add to Tony’s organization.

The 4th DLC will be one of the most anticipated of the season pass and is titled the Revel With Wyatt pack. As the name states, it will bring Bray Wyatt to the game, which has been something fans have hoped would happen, and everyone in the pack features a smilier vibe. Revel With Wyatt will include Bray, Zeus, Valhalla, Joe Gacy, and Blaire Davenport, which will allow fans to complete the Viking Raiders group and start to build Schism.

The 5th and final DLC pack will be the Bad News U Pack, which brings in even more NXT favorites. It starts out though with WWE Legend Eve Torres and Wade Barrett, who is now commentating over on SmackDown but was previously on the commentary team in NXT. It will also bring Chase U into the game with the group’s leader Andre Chase, and will feature fellow NXT stars Nathan Frazer and Damon Kemp. Axiom is also in the game so you can now recreate those thrilling back-to-back matches they had last year. Here are all the release dates and rosters for the DLC Packs.

Steiner Row Pack
Release Date: April 19
Scott Steiner;
Rick Steiner;
Top Dolla;
Ashante Adonis;
B-Fab – Manager only. Not a playable Superstar.

Pretty Sweet Pack
Release Date: May 17
Karl Anderson;
Luke Gallows;
Tiffany Stratton;
Elton Prince;
Kit Wilson.

Race to NXT Pack
Release Date: June 14
Harley Race;
Ivy Nile;
Wendy Choo;
Tony D’Angelo;
Trick Williams.

Revel with Wyatt Pack
Release Date: July 19
Bray Wyatt;
Joe Gacy;
Blair Davenport

Bad News U Pack
Release Date: August 16
Eve Torres;
Wade Barrett;
Damon Kemp;
Andre Chase;
Nathan Frazer.

What do you think of the new DLC lineup? Let us know in the comments or as always you can talk all things wrestling and gaming with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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