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My Hero Academia Promo Teases Deku vs. Class 1-A Fight

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My Hero Academia is now readying for the final few episodes of Season 6 of the anime, and the promo for the next episode of the series is teasing Izuku Midoriya’s big clash with Class 1-A! Season 6 is getting ready to wrap up with the final episodes of the season, and Deku has been changing dramatically from how he was at the start of the season. So much has happened since the fights against the villains began, and Deku believes that taking it all on his shoulders is the only way to take down All For One once and for all. 

This has been tested in the last few episodes especially as Deku has been running ragged in order to take out all of All For One’s assassins targeting him directly, and this has worn him out both physically and mentally. It all began when he told the rest of Class 1-A his big secret about One For All, and left the school in order to go off on his own. But with the preview for the next episode, the class is going to be fighting with Deku to bring him back by any means necessary. 

How to Watch My Hero Academia Episode 136

Episode 136 of My Hero Academia is titled “Deku vs. Class 1-A” and as both the cliffhanger and title for the episode alludes to, Deku is going to be doing battle against his former classmates. He’s much stronger now thanks to all of the quirks he has been able to tap into with One For All’s growing power, and that means it’s not exactly going to be easy for Class 1-A to take him down. Deku’s set in his ways, and will blindly be fighting against them to stay alone. 

But as Katsuki Bakugo and the other members of the class made sure to emphasize, they don’t want Deku fighting all alone against the villains. They might not have known about this secret he was keeping from the rest of them, but they certainly care about someone they have been fighting alongside all this time. Now it’s just a matter of seeing whether or not they can actually get through Deku by force. 

How do you feel about Deku and Class 1-A facing off against each other? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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