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Tunic’s Best Feature Can Now Be Enjoyed Outside of the Game

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When Tunic released last year, the game received strong praise for its Zelda-inspired gameplay and gorgeous visuals. However, the element that earned the most praise from players was the game’s unique “instruction manual.” Throughout Tunic, players find pages of an old-school instruction manual that offers tips and information about the game’s story. For the last year, players have been clamoring for a physical release for the manual, and they’ll soon get their wish, courtesy of Fangamer. A hardcover version of the manual is set to release in July, and will retail for $19.

Of course, gamers that have been holding out on checking out Tunic can also snag a physical release for the game, as well. Retailing for $45, the game is being released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The physical release will be accompanied by a softcover version of the instruction manual, though newcomers to the game might want to hold off on looking at it until they’ve finished playing!

Fangamer’s announcement about the Tunic instruction manual can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

While PlayStation and Nintendo fans can look forward to Tunic‘s physical release, Xbox fans will just have to settle for the hardcover. Despite debuting on the platform, a physical release for Tunic on Xbox One has not been revealed, and seems unlikely at this time. Fangamer has not given a reason for the omission, so fans will just have to speculate for now.

For those unfamiliar with Tunic, the game is a love letter to The Legend of Zelda. Like the original NES game, Tunic doesn’t offer very much in the way of guidance, forcing players to use their wits to solve various puzzles. The game’s hidden instruction manual pages are the closest thing in terms of guidance, but most of the pages are written in a made-up language. However, as players figure things out on their own, the pages start to make more sense. They also happen to feature gorgeous artwork!

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