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65 Directors Discuss Sequel Possibilities (Exclusive)

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Adam Driver’s next big project will hit theaters soon, and from everything we’ve seen from 65, it looks like some pretty spectacular Sci-Fi. 65 follows the story of space travelers who crash-landed on Earth 65 million years ago and had to deal with prehistoric elements including dinosaurs. 65 is presently doing their press tour and’s Brandon Davis had the chance to talk to the directors of the film, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. During the interview we asked the duo if they have any plans to flesh out their universe with a sequel and their answer is pretty open-ended. “I’ll say this, we’ve gotten far enough as to go ‘Alright. Would it be called 64 or 66?’” So, it seems that we’ll just have to wait and see if 65 will get a sequel.

Driver’s 65 has already had five different release dates. Originally, the sci-fi picture was supposed to hit theaters on May 13, 2022. Unfortunately, the studio pushed it to April 29, 2022. Then the film was delayed yet again to April 14, of 2023, before getting deposited a week later before the most recent change in September. The film was then revealed to be moving up to March 10, 2023. The film shifted its release date once more to avoid the latest installment of the Scream franchise and will go toe to toe with Shazam! Fury of the Gods on March 17th.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness director Sam Raimi is producing 65, with Scott Beck writing the script and Bryan Woods directing the project. A very brief longline was put out by Sony when the project got announced. “An astronaut who crash lands on a mysterious planet discovers that he is not alone.” Here’s a bit more, too, from the original (pre-“astronaut” reveal) casting announcement: “Driver will play an opioid addict who has become a hopeless shadow of his former self. After a catastrophic accident, Driver’s character joins forces with a 9-year-old girl who speaks a different language, and the two of them must work together to survive.”Driver is also accompanied by some human interaction at some point here, with Ariana Greenblatt and Chloe Coleman listed as part of the cast. Raimi’s longtime collaborator Danny Elfman will compose the score for 65.

In case he needs some backup fighting those space dinosaurs, Driver has a very cool arsenal. Previously, the actor revealed to BBC Radio 1 that he kept his lightsaber from his Star Wars days in an interview. “I have lots of stuff. I for sure have a helmet — I have two helmets actually, a lightsaber, I have stuff from The Dead Don’t Die. Every movie I try to take [something],” Driver revealed to Ali Plumb. As for why he would keep helmets and what he does with them, Driver joked, “I wear my helmets when I drive, just to confuse people.”

65 arrives in theaters on March 17th!

Are you excited to see 65? Would you like a sequel? Let us know in the comments below or by hitting up our writer @NateBrail on Twitter!

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