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PS5 Update Adds Discord Voice Chat, Here’s How to Use It

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PlayStation 5 users got a beta update early in February that added Discord voice support, but that long-awaited feature was only available to those enrolled in the beta program at the time. Now, however, the PS5 update 7.0 is out today for everyone to download which means that if you’re an avid Discord user, you can join your friends’ calls regardless of what platform they’re on. Joining the Discord calls isn’t quite as simple as clicking into a server on the PC or mobile platforms, however, but it’s still easy to do once you know how.

So, how do you join Discord calls on the PS5? For starters, you’ll need your PS5 to be updated to the most recent 7.0 update, and you’ll need the Discord app on a PC or a mobile device. Once you’ve got those, the process is relatively easy to remember.

How to Join Discord on PS5

The first step is to link your PlayStation and Discord accounts together (if you did this in the beta, you can skip this part). You’ll find that option on the PS5 in the Settings > Users and Accounts > Linked Services directory.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to head back to your browser, PC app, or mobile app where you’re using Discord. With all your servers and voice channels there in front of you, just find the one you want to join within the Discord app. After doing so, you should see an option to transfer that voice call to platforms like Xbox or PlayStation (you may need to swipe up to see this option before actually joining the call). Select the “Join on PlayStation” option.

If you did all that correctly, you should see a prompt on your PS5 alerting you that you’ve joined a Discord call. In case you’re a visual person, the video below should help.

What Else Can Discord Do on the PS5?

From that control center card that alerted you to being in a Discord chat, you’ll see there are a couple of different settings you can play around with. You can switch between Discord and in-game chats if needed, and you’ll be able to see the list of people in the Discord call like you normally would on another platform. If you’ve got your PS5 set up to where it can be turned on via your network while it’s in rest mode, you can also make it so that the PS5 turns on just from you joining a Discord call on the app and selecting the “Transfer to PlayStation” option.

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