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The Last Blockbuster Director Tackling a Movie About Lost

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Taylor Morden, the director of the hit documentary The Last Blockbuster, is currently in production on Getting LOST. The film will center on the global phenomenon of LOST, the hit ABC series often credited with changing the face of network television and bringing “Peak TV” to the masses. Morden’s Popmotion Pictures will produce the film. In a release, Popmotion said that the film will not only cover the massive success of LOST but also its passionate fan base, which remains active now.

LOST is among the most beloved and scrutinized shows of all time and the documentary will explore both the legions of fans that loved the show and the backlash that followed one of the most controversial endings in television history. Getting LOST will be a collection of brand new interviews with the cast, crew and fan community as well as an enormous amount of archival footage including over 100 hours of footage form an unfinished LOST documentary that was abandoned in 2010.

LOST was a show that meant so much to so many people, including me! It came at a time when we all still gathered around the tv week to week to find out what would happen next,” Morden said in a statement. “I want to make a film that celebrates the impact that the show had on the pop culture landscape, examines the missteps, and perhaps reveals the true meaning of LOST.  Love it or hate it, LOST was a pivotal show and paved the way for the new golden era of television that we all know and love today.”  

LOST ran from 2004 until 2010, and in its early years was the undisputed king of prime time. No show was buzzier, with its bizarre twists and wild, out-of- nowhere plot points making for great water cooler (or message board) conversation.

The story of LOST is a fascinating tale of a show that came about at a time when, for the first time ever, the internet played a pivotal role in bringing the fans together.  One of the first serialized network shows to engage in the new digital realm.  A gateway for many into the world of message boards and podcasts.  Then… a finale that was among the most divisive ever aired.

Getting LOST is being produced by Ralph D. Apel and Taylor Morden and is slated for release in 2024 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the crash of flight 815. You can follow updates on the production via the official website.

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