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My Hero Academia Fans Rally Around Creator Amid Health-Related Hiatus

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The manga industry is a rough world to break into and even rougher to stay in. From constant all-nighters to insane workloads, many of the top creators in manga are worked to be the bone. It is no surprise a number of them have been forced into breaks by health issues, and now, the My Hero Academia fandom is rallying around Kohei Horikoshi in the wake of his latest break.

For those who don’t know, the My Hero Academia manga is on an extended break this month. Last week, fans learned Horikoshi took a sudden two-week hiatus due to his poor physical condition. The My Hero Academia editorial team confirmed this in a letter to fans and assured readers the story would resume at the end of March.

However, it seems My Hero Academia readers are hardly bothered by the break. Instead, the fandom is more worried about Horikoshi than anything else. The manga industry’s intense nature is hardly a secret, and the public backlash has been growing over the treatment manga creators (and staffers overall) endure. Artists like Hunter x Hunter’s Yoshihiro Togashi have openly discussed the chronic health issues they face now because of their work. And of course, My Hero Academia fans do not want Horikoshi to suffer a similar fate. 

You can see a slew of reactions from fans in the slides below, and of course, the manga community is rallying behind Horikoshi as much as possible. In Japan, the My Hero Academia creator has been trending on and off as fans launched a campaign comparing Horikoshi to Aizawa. Netizens say they feel the same way about Horikoshi as Izuku feels about his teacher Aizawa, so there is nothing worse in their mind than losing sensei.

Currently, the hit shonen is keeping fans busy with season 6, but My Hero Academia will bring its current run to an end shortly. As for Horikoshi’s work, the My Hero Academia is in the midst of its final act, and its recent arcs have been nothing short of perfection. In recent interviews, the creator has suggested My Hero Academia will end within the next year, so readers are keeping a close eye on Deku these days.

Do you think the manga industry needs to reevaluate its creators’ schedules? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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