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Chainsaw Man Censors Risque Cover Ahead of Global Release

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Chainsaw Man is no stranger to controversy, and at this point, fans are hardly surprised by its censorship. There is no denying how graphic the original series is with its violence, and the Chainsaw Man manga is not one to shy away from risqué imagery. Anything from gore to nudity goes in the manga. But ahead of its global launch, one volume of Chainsaw Man is undergoing revisions to pass censors in Indonesia.

The update comes from M&C, a publisher under Kompas Gramedia Group in Indonesia. The company oversees much of the manga published in the region, and of course, locals made it clear they wanted to read Chainsaw Man ASAP. So far, sales of the Chainsaw Man manga have done well under M&C in Indonesia, and the publisher is preparing to drop volume six. When the volume releases, it will come with some new artwork, and the update is pretty impressive.

After all, volume six of Chainsaw Man features some risqué artwork. Creator Tatsuki Fujimoto inked Reze for the cover as its chapters reveal more about the Bomb Devil. As such, we can see their devil form in the background while Reze is in the front, but Fujimoto’s original art depicts the girl naked. It seems that kind of nudity isn’t going to fly in Indonesia, so the team at M&C commissioned new cover art with Reze clothed.

As you can see above, the censored artwork looks pretty natural. In fact, fans of Chainsaw Man would probably take it as an original if they did not know volume six’s first cover. The censored cover shows Reze wearing her usual blouse-skirt combo from the Chainsaw Man manga. So when it comes to revisions, this Chainsaw Man cover is one of the best we’ve seen in a while.

After all, the history of manga and censorship is a wild one. Different regions have different rules when it comes to appropriate content. In the past, censors simply blacked out content they found offensive in manga series or did shoddy editing to blur out images. Now, we have seen what good revisions look like courtesy of M&C. If you want to nab your own copy of Chainsaw Man volume six, just know the stateside edition comes with the original cover. Viz Media handles the manga’s release in English, and you can find physical copies of Chainsaw Man online or at your local bookstore!

What do you make of this revised Chainsaw Man cover…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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