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Persona 5 Royal DLC Goes Free, But Likely Not for Long

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In a move that might be the result of an error, a massive DLC pack for Persona 5 Royal is currently free to download on the PlayStation Store. Outside of the added content that was seen in the Royal iteration of Persona 5, the latest entry in Atlus’ long-running JRPG series didn’t receive standard DLC. Instead, the add-on content that was made available for additional money came in the form of extra cosmetics that could be used in-game. And while these bonus costumes were typically quite pricey, now, they can be picked up for no charge at all. 

Available only via the European version of the PlayStation Store, this DLC bundle for Persona 5 Royal contains six individual add-ons that can also be bought individually. This DLC lets P5R players use new character costumes for Joker, Ann, Morgana, Kasumi, and Ryuji. It’s worth noting that this DLC only applies to the PS4 iteration of Persona 5 Royal though, as the PS5 version of the game already comes bundled with this content. 

Perhaps the most baffling part of this Persona 5 Royal pack becoming free is that it’s normally quite pricey. All of this DLC usually retails for $59.99, which is just as costly as the game itself. To see that it has now been marked down to absolutely nothing means that you should definitely hop on this deal, even if you haven’t played Persona 5 Royal for yourself just yet. 

Again, it’s worth stressing that this free DLC giveaway on the PlayStation Store with Persona 5 Royal could be a complete accident. Atlus hasn’t announced anything to fans that would indicate that this DLC pack was meant to become available for no cost, which means that a fix could be coming for this price error soon. As such, if you want to snag this add-on content for P5R, you’ll have to act fast before Atlus and Sega end up rectifying this situation. 

Were you able to pick up this Persona 5 Royal DLC pack while it was available for free? Or did you happen to already own it previously? Let me know either down in the comments section or reach out to me on social media at @MooreMan12

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