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Succession Star Reacts to Final Season Death Twist

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The script was flipped for Succession just three episodes into its final season on HBO. The Emmy-winning series threw audiences a curveball last Sunday night, killing Logan Roy off-camera, leaving his kids and his company scrambling with seven episodes left in its historic run. Audiences were shocked when they found out about Logan’s death, specifically because of the surprising timing of the event. As you can imagine, the cast was quite shocked as well.

Jeremy Strong, who plays Kendall on the series, had a powerful reaction to finding out about Logan’s death. The Succession star recently said that he had a “heartbreaking” experience while bringing Kendall’s reaction to life.

“It went through my heart, not in my mind,” Strong told Variety. “What I mean is it went it didn’t go through my mind as much as I found it a heartbreaking thing to read and to experience when we were making it.”

Strong went on to say that, like the fans, he was shocked “by the suddenness of it, in banality of it in the ordinaries of the way these things play out, the inability in a way to have the moment be what you want it to be. The suddenness of these things, and the irrevocability of these kinds of things happening. The fact of death, the fact of them, and now we have to contend with that grief and loss in the middle of, you know, a pit viper fight.”

The first member of the Succession cast to find out about Logan’s untimely death was obviously Brian Cox. The rest of the cast were told after him, but they didn’t find out which episode the death would take place in until much closer to filming it.

“I don’t remember Jesse saying that it was going to happen on Connor’s wedding day … but of course, Jesse [Armstrong] let Brian [Cox] know first in a private meeting,” Succession star Alan Ruck told The Hollywood Reporter. “Then he gathered the rest of us over Zoom and told us what was going to happen. So we knew Logan was going to die in the third episode before we started shooting the season. I think it was when we actually started shooting, and I was talking to my dresser, a wonderful guy named Danny Mura – because on a movie set, wardrobe knows everything; they know which characters are going to be discontinued and who gets more to do based on how many clothes they need to buy. (Laughs.) They tend to know! So I said, ‘When do I get married?’ And he said, ‘I think it’s in three.’”

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