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Opus Comics Reveals FrazettaVerse Free Comic Book Day Preview (Exclusive)

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Opus Comics will celebrate its first year as a publisher with a Free Comic Book Day offering that features FrazettaVerse #0. The rising publisher boasts an impressive lineup of titles, led by Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer. The first issue got four printings and sold over 70,000 copies, and they’re continuing that momentum on through May as they begin their second year of publishing. May also serves as the month that Free Comic Book Day will be taking place on Saturday, May 6th, and FrazettaVerse #0 will give readers a taste of what’s coming up in Opus Comics’ flagship line. can exclusively reveal a preview of FrazettaVerse #0, along with the news that Opus Comics is becoming one of Diamond Comics’ Deluxe Tier publishers. The company will also debut two new titles in May: Frank Frazetta’s Mothman, and Sanjulian’s Queens of the Lost World, which follows the model made successful by the FrazettaVerse. As Deluxe Tier publishers, Opus Comics will be featured more prominently with ad pages closer to the front of the Diamond PREVIEWS Catalogue, in addition to offering new incentives and discounts to retailers. 

“I’m a big fan of Sanjulianand his gorgeous painted style, so the idea of bringing his work to a fresh audience like we did with Frank Frazetta seemed like a no-brainer,” says Opus Comics and Incendium founder, Llexi Leon. “He may not be known in the same way Frazetta was, but his covers for Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella, and other publications are no less iconic. We’re confident readers will embrace the new world Leah Moore, John Reppion, and Silvia Califano are creating based on his work.”

Sanjulian’s Queens of the Lost World #1 goes on sale May 17th with a brand new cover by Ariel Olivetti, as well as a Sanjulian-painted cover. Two weeks later, Frank Frazetta’s Mothman #1 arrives in stores on May 31st with covers by Andrea Mutti and Frank Frazetta.

“Seeing the response to the FrazettaVerse and our first year of titles has been really exciting,” adds Executive Editor, Denton J. Tipton. “We’ve learned a lot about what we can do, and what fans and retailers are responding to, so we’re taking that knowledge into our second year as a Deluxe Tier publisher. Free Comic Book Day is the start of what is sure to be a very exciting year for us!”

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