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Dragon Ball Takes Over Pro Soccer League With Beast Mode Goku

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Dragon Ball isn’t called one of the biggest anime franchises in the world for nothing. Goku is known the world over, and he is known to pop up in the strangest places. From runaway shows to late-night comedy, Goku has done it all. And now, the Saiyan is going viral thanks to his recent appearance at a soccer championship overseas.

The whole thing went viral this weekend when photos surfaced from the CAF Champions League match between Wydad and Simba. It was there the two team brought in fans from all over to watch them compete. As you can see above, the teams did get really into the match, and they all came together to summon Goku in the stands.

After all, the audience was given color cards to hold up at certain points, and each plate was added to a collage that would appear when they were held up in unison. In one shot, you can see Goku in his base form with black hair while wearing his orange uniform. The second shot shows the audience encouraging players to go beast mode before a new set of cards were thrown up. These cards were assembled to create an image of Super Saiyan Goku, and the coordinated project is nothing short of impressive.

After all, Goku remains a major figure in anime, and just about every shonen fan knows the Saiyan. For years, headlines have cropped up about Dragon Ball’s immense popularity in Latin America as well as Mexico, but nations in Africa cannot be overlooked. South Africa and Cameroon rank up there with Brazil when it comes to Dragon Ball searches on Google. And if you doubted that info, well – this showcase at the CAF Champions League should prove the point.

Of course, Goku has made appearances at other sports events in the past, but this soccer tribute is one of the best we’ve seen. At this point, we hope Toei Animation or Shueisha can send a bonafide Goku mascot to one of the league’s matches. Nothing would bring together the sports fandom like a Goku cameo, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed for now!

Did you spot Goku’s sports cameo over the past weekend…? Which other needs need to bring anime to their fanbase? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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