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Genndy Tartakovsky’s Fixed to Drop First Look at Annecy

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If you love Lady & The Tramp, well – we suggest you avert your eyes. It won’t be long before the Internet gets its first look at Fixed, after all. The animated comedy is set to bring Genny Tartakovsky back into the director’s chair, and the R-rated spectacle has promised to entertain as much as it shocks. And now, we have learned when Fixed will debut its first look.

As it turns out, Fixed will make its appearance on the public stage come June. The Annecy Film Festival has confirmed Tartakovsky’s anticipated film will be present at this year’s event. It will be represented by Sony Animations alongside a panel titled The Spider Within: A Spider Verse Story. So as you can see, the studio will be busy with animation in the near future.

For those unaware of Fixed, the title says it all. The adult animated comedy will bring Tartakovsky’s world-building together with outrageous humor. The R-rated project is the first animated project of this rating to debut under Sony Animation. Columbia Pictures is also helping produce the film, and its last R-rated animated flick with Sausage Party. Just saying.

If you want to know more about Fixed, you can check out its official synopsis below. The movie will tell one perfectly good pooch on a night out after they overhear info about being neutered the next day. In previous interviews, Tartakovsky has spoken at length about his surprise that Fixed was being made, and he assured fans the comedy would not be all about balls.

“When you think back to 2010/2011, adult animation is in a totally different place than it is now. It’s quite different. For us to do an R-rated feature back then was way beyond its days. It didn’t feel like there was any movement on it,” he shared. “It’s raunchy but it’s got character and it is cartoony. And it’s got heart. The humor isn’t pop culture humor. That’s the biggest thing. There’s no Kardashian jokes. There’s none of that; It’s character humor.”

Currently, there is no set release window for Fixed. Hopefully, the movie will share more release details when it arrives at Annecy in a few months!

“Fixed, the studio’s first R-rated comedy, is the story of an average, all-around good dog who is in love with the show dog next door, and what happens when he learns that he is going to get neutered in the morning. What does a dog do with his last night out with his besties?”

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