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Josh Lucas Pushing for Sweet Home Alabama Sequel, Suggests Jake and Melanie Could Be Divorced (Exclusive)

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It’s been more than 20 years since Sweet Home Alabama opened in theaters and with the entertainment landscape full of revivals and follow ups, there are plenty of fans who have wondered if there might be a sequel to the 2002 film. As it turns out, if it were up Josh Lucas, who starred as Jake opposite Reese Witherspoon’s Melanie in the film, is all for a sequel — and he even has some ideas of how he thinks the story would go. In an exclusive interview with for The Black Demon, Lucas said that he hopes a sequel happens — but he thinks that the story would start with Melanie and Jake divorced.

“I don’t know if they’re happily ever after,” Lucas said. “We’ve talked about it a lot. There’s been a lot of movements. I don’t want to say that there’s a writing campaign to try and get Reese, who is obviously very, very busy being a mogul, but I’m not just open to it. I’ve pushed for it. I know the director who did the original wants to do it. I hope it happens. I think it’d be so interesting and I think it’d be interesting to see how you would you make a story that, you know, has that level of light fun touch but there’s a deeper love story going on there, too. And I would be interested to see where they are all these years later and are they still together and what did they go through. I hope it happens, that’s for sure.”

He continued, “Maybe they’re divorced for 10 years and have to deal with getting their kids off to college for the first time and they have to see each other and realize there’s a spark still. I do think there’s a great love there. I think that that’s what that story is about, sort of eternal love that they have for each other, that Jake and Melanie had for each other. And so, I’ve always had this sort of take that they’d had a hard run and yet here they are taking their kids to college together and sparks fly.”

What is The Black Demon about?

Josh Lucas (Ford v Ferrari, Yellowstone) stars in this edge-of-your-seat action thriller from the director of Rambo: Last Blood. Oilman Paul Sturges’ (Lucas) idyllic family vacation turns into a nightmare when they encounter a ferocious megalodon shark that will stop at nothing to protect its territory. Stranded and under constant attack, Paul and his family must somehow find a way to get his family back to shore alive before it strikes again in this epic battle between humans and nature.”

The Black Demon is now in theaters.

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