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An Important Relationship Finally Becomes Official

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The most popular relationship in Ted Lasso has been on the rocks throughout the show’s third season, with Roy and Keeley having spent the past seven episodes apart. Fans loved watching their story unfold in the first two seasons and it has been more than a little depressing to see them try to move on from one another (even if they still feel like endgame material). Their relationship may be over for now, but the show has made room for another to blossom, and we’re not talking about Keeley and Jack. Nathan’s redemption story seems to finally be upon us, and his longtime crush Jade is right at the center of it. WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the latest episode of Ted Lasso! Continue reading at your own risk…

At the end of last week’s Ted Lasso, “The Strings that Bind Us,” Nate finally asked Jade out on a date, long after he first encountered her at A Taste of Athens and made a fool out of himself. His hard exterior is starting to crack and she’s seeing him for the charming guy he actually is. 

This week’s episode, “We’ll Never Have Paris,” we actually learn how real this thing with Nate and Jade is. One date could’ve been anything, and there was no telling if Nate would somehow find a way to mess things up. As it turns out, he didn’t, and the two have actually started a real relationship.

Nate spends most of the episode trying to figure out how Jade really feels about him. He can’t tell if she’s just being nice to him or if she’s actually into him. On one hand, that makes sense, because it wasn’t that long ago that she couldn’t stand him. On the other hand, they’ve been going on dates regularly and she’s been staying at his house, which feels like a pretty clear indication she wants to be with him.

We know that Nate isn’t the most direct person, so he has a hard time asking Jade how she feels. He even tries putting together an off-brand version of the Diamond Dogs over at West Ham, which doesn’t exactly work. Fortunately for Nate, Jade isn’t afraid of her own feelings. While talking about his latest victory, she says, “I like to see my boyfriend happy,” and that tells Nate everything he needs to know.

Nate’s relationship with Jade is sweet to watch unfold, but it’s also massively important to his overall character arc on the show. His redemption arc has to be about remembering the kind man he has always been, the one that Ted broke out of the shell back in Season 1. Feeling left behind in Season 2, Nate turned into an angry, bitter person. With Jade, Nate is finally learning to be himself, which will go a long way towards making things right with Ted.

What did you think of the latest episode of Ted Lasso? Are Nate and Jade built to last? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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