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“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” Preview Released

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The CW has released a preview for “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”, the eighth episode of Superman & Lois‘ third season, set to air on Tuesday, May 9th. This week’s episode revealed that Natalie’s boyfriend Matteo is actually Bruno Mannheim’s son with wife, Peia and next week, Natalie will meet Matteo’s parents for the first time and from the looks of things, it’s not going to go well. Meanwhile, there are issues with the Kent boys as well so things just look tense all around. You can check out the preview for yourself below and then read on for the synopsis.

GREGORY SMITH DIRECTS – In the wake of learning that Bruno (Chad Coleman) and Peia (guest star Daya Vaida) are married, Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) works to reignite Lois’ (Elizabeth Tulloch) interest in taking Bruno down; elsewhere, Natalie (Tayler Buck) meets Matteo’s (guest star Spence Moore II) parents for the first time, with disastrous consequences. Meanwhile, the Kent boys clash when Jordan (Michael Bishop) interferes with Jonathan’s (Alex Garfin) training at the Firehouse, Lana (Emmanuelle Chriqui) bonds with General Lane (Dylan Walsh) over their shared fear of dating again, and Sarah (Inde Navarrette) realizes her mom needs a friend. 
Gregory Smith directed the episode written by Aaron Helbing.

Bruno Mannheim is one of Season 3’s main antagonists.

While the season will also see the arrival of Michael Cudlitz as Lex Luthor, Chad L. Coleman’s Bruno Mannheim has thus far been the major antagonist in Season 3, particularly for Lois who is determined to take him down. Coleman has previously teased the scale of Mannheim has a character, noting that he’s “not to be messed with” and not a typical villain.

“I have a pretty darn good resume, so to say the least, this is the best role for me that I’ve ever had,” Coleman said previously. “The scale of this guy. Honestly, the scale of this man is incredible. He’s not to be messed with. This is gonna be a thrill ride. Love him, hate him, but it’s not the typical villain. He’s very layered. And you root for this man because he makes a lot of sense and he’s done a lot of amazing things to transform South Metropolis and so you just get to take this thrill ride.”

Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” airs May 9th.

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