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Pokemon Apparel Collection Announced By BoxLunch

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It seems like everyone has come out with a Pokemon apparel collection at some point, but the latest comes from BoxLunch, so it’s going to be a step up. That said, they’ve certainly delivered with this wave, which includes t-shirts, hoodies, button-ups, backpacks, hats, sleep pants, and more. 

Highlights from the new collection include a Pokemon Elements Colorblock Hoodie starring Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. There’s also a matching woven shirt and shorts set featuring Snorlax along with t-shirts highlighting each individual Pokemon type from Grass, Fire, and Water to Ghost, Fairy, and Electric. We also love the Charmander mini-backpack and the Poke Ball and Pikachu waffle makers. You can’t be an effective Pokemon Trainer without a solid breakfast after all. 

Below you’ll find a gallery that includes some of the new Pokemon items at BoxLunch. Many of them are already available to order here at the BoxLunch website, and you’ll find the rest when the collection officially launches on May 8th. Inside that link you’ll find hundreds of other Pokemon items, many of which currently feature 20% off discounts. 

Pokemon Button-Up and Matching Shorts



Pokemon Succulent 3-Piece Bag Set



Pokemon Poke Ball Waffle Maker



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