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Chainsaw Man Creator Shares New Manga Obsession, School Back

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If there is one manga artist on the rise these days, it is Tatsuki Fujimoto. From Chainsaw Man to his hit one-shots, it seems the creator can do no wrong. Week after week, Fujimoto has come out swinging with engaging updates, and Chainsaw Man is now one of the world’s biggest manga series as such. So of course, the world is going to listen when Fujimoto drops a new manga recommendation.

The update comes from Sunday Webry as the publication is housing a favorite of Fujimoto’s now. It turns out the artist is recommending School Back to fans. So if you feel so inclined, you can check out the web manga in Japanese whenever you’d like.

As for what School Back is about, the title tells the story of Fushimi, a tall man who works as a janitor in a local high school. The man roams the campus doing odd jobs all while listening to the students. It is there he finds himself offering help and advice to high schoolers who are now leaving their school days behind and embracing their future as adults. The slice-of-life manga has some wonderful art thanks to Kokoro Onodera, and its adolescent themes are right up Fujimoto’s alley.

After all, Chainsaw Man deals with adulthood in its own way. Denji may be a high school student, but he’s both older and younger than he appears. His juvenile desires clash with Denji’s trauma, and this can lead to all kinds of hijinks. Of course, there is also lots of action in Chainsaw Man to keep fans engaged, and that doesn’t even account for its clever symbolism. There is way more to unpack in Chainsaw Man than you’d expect by its title alone, and the same goes for Kokoro’s School Back.

If you have not read Fujimoto’s work at all, we definitely recommend you give it a try. The Chainsaw Man manga is available to read through Viz Media on the Shonen Jump app. As for the Chainsaw Man anime, season one is finished and streaming on Hulu as well as Crunchyroll. No official word has been given on Chainsaw Man season 2, but fans are hopeful word will drop soon.

Do you plan on checking out Fujimoto’s most recent recommendation? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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