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Paul Rudd, Amy Adams, and Tessa Thompson Cast in New Comedy Movie

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Some Marvel and DC veterans are joining forces for a new movie. On Wednesday, reports revealed that Amy Adams (Arrival, Man of Steel), Paul Rudd (Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Ghostbusters: Afterlife), and Tessa Thompson (Thor: Love and Thunder, Creed III) have closed deals to star in The Invite. The Invite will be a comedy film based on Sentimental, an award-winning 2020 Spanish film from Cesc Gay. The Invite will be directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, who previously directed Little Miss Sunshine and Battle of the Sexes.

The script for The Invite is written by Emmy nominee Rashida Jones and Academy Award winner Will McCormack, whose work together includes Celeste & Jesse Forever and Toy Story 4. Academy Award nominee David Permut (Hacksaw Ridge) is producing for Permut Presentations and FilmNation Entertainment.

What is The Invite about?

The Invite tells the story of Joe (Rudd) and Angela (Adams), who after 15 years of marriage, find that their relationship is in a rut. Desperate to have a conversation that isn’t focused on their marital woes, Angela invites their boisterous neighbors, Kayla (Thompson) and Shane, over for cocktails. Joe, irritated at having to engage with this disruptive couple, plans to use the occasion to confront them; however, both he and Angela get far more than they bargained for as sparks fly and they discover Shane and Kayla are hosting weekly orgies and have an invite of their own to offer.

Will there be a fourth Ant-Man movie?

Rudd was most recently shown in Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which naturally begged the question of whether or not a fourth Ant-Man film might be on the way.

“We’re already thinking about it,” producer Stephen Broussard revealed to earlier this year. “It’s like, every movie’s its own battle and you bear the scars of making it and wanting to make it great. But hope springs eternal and you start to put yourself back together after the journey of making the movie. You’re like, ‘Yeah, what if we did X and what if we did Y?’ Like the wheels start turning, you can’t help yourself. I don’t want to say anything about specifically what those are, but yeah, you can’t help yourself. Those conversations, those whispers have already started to happen between myself and Peyton and Kevin.”

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h/t: Deadline

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