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Homesick’s Star Wars Line Reveals The Mandalorian Collection

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Star Wars fans have a number of ways to showcase their love of the franchise, and if you want to bring a bit of the Star Wars world into your home, Homesick has you covered. Today Homesick revealed two new candle fragrances in its popular Star Wars Collection, and both will be must buys for fans of The Mandalorian. The two new additions are The Bounty and The Rescue, and each one captures a different aspect of The Mandalorian’s story in both scent and through its packaging, with Mando, Grogu, Ashoka, Bo-Katan, Koska Reeves, Moff Gideon, and Axe Wives all featured. You can find The Mandalorian collection right here, and you can find more about the scenes below.

Both fragrances were created in collaboration with Lucasfilm to authiecally capture the iconic characters and storylines from The Mandalorian, and feature illustrations of iconic moments and fun nods to the series. The gradients of each candle are also inspired by the world, with For The Bounty featuring the soft desert beige of Arvala-7 and building up to a burning mauve, featuring the bits of red that represent the volcanic atmosphere of Navarro and sunset of Sorgan.

(Photo: Homesick)

For The Rescue, the aquatic blue represents the oceanic planet of Trask with an earth sage for the planet Corvus and the mountainous texture of Tython, all building a representation of Mando’s journey to get Grogu to safety. Each candle is available to order now for $44.00, and you can pick up the two piece Mandalorian Collection for $88.00.

(Photo: Homesick)

The Bounty – Winds whirl with sand as notes of ash and smoke reveal dark intentions on Nevarro™. Lavender and the scent of deep woods forge an unbreakable bond in this inspiring forest escape.
Top Notes: Desert Sands, Petitgrain, Salt Crystals
Mid Notes: Volcanic Ash, Oud, Labdanum
Base Notes: Vetiver, Pine Needles, Blue Moss

The Rescue – Sea moss cradles a crash landing in Trask™. A new warrior brings hope, cutting through smoky oud from desolate swamps. Mountain air refreshes his resolve in this vital mission.
Top Notes: Sea Moss, Salted Amber, Eucalyptus
Mid Notes: Guaiac Wood, Olibanum, Foggy Air
Base Notes: Hindi, Sheer Musk, Cedarwood

“We were honored to have been entrusted to bring the original trilogy to life with the Star Wars collection that we launched last year, and were eager to take on the challenge of evoking fragrances inspired by The Mandalorian,” said Lauren McCord, General Manager at Homesick. “We had such a great response to the intricate packaging and dual-sided labels that made for fun surprises for fans last year, that we wanted to layer in another new element to the extension of the collection. We’re excited to see how our customers enjoy our carefully crafted fragrances and colored vessels that will bring The Mandalorian to life in a new way.”

Will you be picking up The Mandalorian Collection from Homesick? Let us know in the comments or as always you can talk all things Star Wars with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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