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Negan Is a Wanted Man in The Walking Dead: Dead City Teaser Trailer

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Justice for Glenn? Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) spent years behind bars for his many crimes on The Walking Dead — including murdering Maggie’s (Lauren Cohan) husband with a barbwire-wrapped baseball bat — only to walk away a free man after helping the survivors in their war against the Whisperers and then the Commonwealth. But with The Walking Dead: Dead City teaser trailer reuniting Negan and Maggie years later for a rescue mission sending them into walker-swarmed Manhattan, there’s a new lawman in town looking to bring the former Savior leader to justice: New Babylon Marshal Perlie Armstrong (Gaius Charles). 

The footage shows a trio of New Babylon lawmen, led by Armstrong, tracking the fugitive Negan to a roadside motel. A wanted poster bearing Negan’s likeness reads: “WANTED – IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION ON THIS MAN, NOTIFY ANY OFFICE OF THE NEW BABYLON MARSHALS – DO NOT APPROACH UNLESS ARMED.”


A new location in The Walking Dead Universe, New Babylon is “one of these states that has come together to try to put the world back together,” Charles revealed during Dead City‘s WonderCon panel. “My main task, my main goal and objective, is to bring justice to our land, to our community, to protect it. And one of the biggest challenges is getting this guy named Negan.”

While Armstrong has been described as a devoted family man who is ruthless and unyielding in the pursuit of what he believes is justice, the Friday Night Lights and Grey’s Anatomy alum acknowledged that “complications come about” in his manhunt for Negan. Might it have something to do with Ginny (NCIS: Hawai’i’s Mahina Napoleon), the young girl seen accompanying Negan in the footage?

“There’s a lot of new characters that you’re going to meet, and I think they’re all unique and exciting in new ways,” series creator and showrunner Eli Jorné said at WonderCon. “They all bring something new to the universe and to this world. And they bring something new out of Maggie and Negan, too, because Maggie and Negan are always at the center of this.”

Morgan, Cohan, and Charles lead a cast that includes Jonathan Higginbotham (The Blacklist) as Tommaso, Trey Santiago-Hudson (New Amsterdam) as Jano, Michael Anthony (The Game) as Luther, and Željko Ivanek (Damages) as a villain called The Croat. 

The Walking Dead: Dead City premieres June 18th on AMC and AMC+. 

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