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New Fortnite Feature Leaks Ahead of First-Person Mode Release

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Fortnite is still supposedly getting its first-person mode at some point during this chapter, and while Epic Games hasn’t said anything about such a mode yet, we’ve gotten another leak just recently that suggests the mode is indeed on the way. This same leak also hinted at the release of a feature that’s said to be part of that mode, too, a feature where players are able to shift their camera perspective via shoulder swapping so that they can have their weapons on the right or left side of their character. We see this kind of feature in other first-person shooters, too, so the fact that Fortnite’s supposedly planning on adding it should come as a positive sign for the support for that mode.

Twitter user and Fortnite inside HYPEX shared the latest news on the game’s first-person mode this week with a tease that Epic Games was working on the shoulder swapping feature. It was speculated that the same feature could be added to the game’s normal third-person modes, too, but it’ll be more impactful in first-person regardless of where it ends up afterwards.

A visual preview of the first-person mode was shared alongside this leak, but seeing how shoulder swapping is something that you really have to see in action, it serves as more of a tease for the first-person mode than anything else. We’ve seen images like this shared in the past from insiders who looked to prove that the first-person mode is actually real and is really happening, but Epic Games of course hasn’t said anything about the mode’s existence at this time. 

While there’s no playable first-person mode in the game right now, there’s at least a Star Wars event going on now for players to partake in. This event reintroduced several Star Wars cosmetics while adding some totally new ones like Darth Maul. Gameplay impacts include lightsabers, Force powers players can master, and more until the Star Wars event wraps up later this month.

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