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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Game Gets Huge Sale for GOTG Vol. 3

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If you’ve watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3I t already now that it’s in theaters and are feeling like you need a bit more Guardians in your life, you’re in luck: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the video game based on the very same Marvel heroes, is on sale right now across all of the platforms that it’s available on. That includes the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms (it’s on the Nintendo Switch, too, but that version is not currently available to purchase). The game still goes for full price but is 70% off right now which makes it a steal if it’s one that you haven’t tried yet.

This deal is live on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms with the game priced at $17.99 for a short time, so it certainly looks like this deal was meant to be coordinated with the release of the movie. It seems that the deals are set to end on May 11th for the PlayStation and PC stores with the same likely true for Xbox, too. The PlayStation version is here, the Xbox version is here, and the PC version is on sale through Steam. The game’s also available on the Epic Games Store, but it’s not on sale there.

If you haven’t played Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy yet, you missed out on a surprisingly engaging Marvel game, though the sale’s the perfect time to make up for that. We say “surprisingly” because the game had some things going against it at the time that made people cautiously optimistic or, worse, apprehensive about getting the game. Marvel’s Avengers had already been out for nearly a year at that point and left people unimpressed, and despite this game being about a full group of superheroes, it was only single-player.

But even with all that in mind, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy did pretty well for itself. Its Metacritic ratings range from the high 70s to the low 80s (except for the Switch’s Cloud version), and Marvel fans were generally happy with it. Since its release, it’s amassed well over 8 million players, too.

You won’t find the likenesses of the MCU cast portrayed in the game, but it’s one that everyone’s been recommending once more now that the new movie is out, so grab it on sale while you can if you haven’t played yet.

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