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Season 2 of Star Wars Series To Resume Production Despite Writers’ Strike

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Earlier this week, the Writers Guild of America officially went on strike after negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers for better pay and residuals failed. Since the strike began, many films and shows have halted their productions, but others have announced that they will continue. It was previously announced that House of the Dragon‘s second season will remain uninterrupted, and it’s not the only one. According to Variety, the second season of Star Wars: Andor is also expected to resume despite the writers’ strike. 

“Similarly, while Andor executive producer Tony Gilroy is not on set and no longer writing – scripts were locked before the strike – sources say he is still working as a producer on specific, non-writing elements like casting and scoring for the Disney+ show,” Variety writes. 

While this means Andor‘s second and final season will likely be released on time, some have expressed concern about shows continuing production without writers. Not only does it show a lack of support for the cause, but many are remembering how badly certain shows got during the WGA strike that occurred back in 2007. However, Andor‘s second season did begin production back in November, so there’s a chance a lot of the filming has already been completed. 

During an FYC event for Andor last week, Gilroy talked about completing the scripts for the series before the strike. “Two days ago, not because of the strike, but because our thing rhymed with the strike, I finished the last script of the twenty-four. We started three and a half years ago. It’ll be five years by the time we’re done to finish.”

Does Tony Gilroy Support The WGA Strike? 

Before the strike, Gilroy took part in a panel hosted by the Writers Guild of America in February (via Deadline), and he commented on the “utter chaos” of the streaming era. 

“We’re in a total free-form right now. I don’t think anything matters whatsoever,” Gilroy explained. “I think what’s happening right now is not just happening on the screen or on the page or in this room. I think it’s happening in business as well, which we’re all going to be at the meeting – you know, the strike and everything – I think it’s absolute and utter chaos right now. I think anything goes. I don’t think there are any rules. I think it’s so frickin’ exciting that it doesn’t matter if you – two episodes, an episode and a half, five episodes, this, that, a play – it doesn’t matter! I don’t think there are any rules.”

Do you think Andor should complete its production during the WGA strike? Tell us in the comments.

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