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Kevin Feige Approached Russo Bros. About Star Wars Movie

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Though it seems like it won’t be happening, Marvel fans are well aware that the minds at the House of Ideas almost made a Star Wars movie. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was attached to produce a movie in the series, something that came about because of his immense fandom for the franchise. Feige even went on to recruit Loki and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness writer Michael Waldron to pen the script for the movie. There was brief rumors about which filmmaker that Feige might have recruited to direct the project, but two more voices have confirmed they kind of talked about it.

In a move that shoudl surprise no one that watches the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame director Joe and Anthony Russo had early conversations with Feige about directing the movie. Speaking on Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett’s SmartLess podcast, Joe Russo teased, “We love Star Wars. There were early conversations, there were some early conversations with us. Kevin Feige is a huge Star Wars fan, and there were some early conversations about maybe teaming up with Kevin to do Star Wars.”

Ever since they directed four movies for Marvel Studios, Joe and Anthony Russo have spread their wings and worked all over town. After their directorial effort Cherry premiered on Apple TV+, they would go on to make The Gray Man for Netflix and then shepherd the Prime Video series Citadel

No details at all have ever leaked about what the movie would have featured, but the most minor of teases from Feige may have revealed a plan for the film. In a previous interview on the Awards Chatter podcast with The Hollywood Reporter back in 2019, Feige teased: “I love that world and I love the notion of exploring new people and new places in that universe. But that’s sort of all that can be said for now.” “New people and “new places” almost certainly makes it sound like Feige’s movie wouldn’t have been centered around a returning character from the series, something that the next movie in the series definitely isn’t doing.

Lucasfilm never commented on the project officially, but at this year’s Star Wars Celebration it was confirmed that the project isn’t happening. President of the company Kathleen Kennedy revealed to IGN that the Feige movie wasn’t moving, saying:

“Development is a complicated, long term process. Some people, we’re dealing with scheduling. Because, obviously, really talented people are working. So, it’s often not a shelving. It’s more like, ‘Is it ready?’ That’s really what it comes down to… Kevin Feige’s project was something announced in the press, or I suppose, fandom. But, nothing ever got developed. We never discussed an idea. Everyone knows Kevin is a huge Star Wars fan. If he did come up with something, I would be all ears. But, that’s never really happened, so it’s not an abandoned project. It just never really happened.”  

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