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Yellowjackets Showrunners Tease Two Season 1 Clues Will Be Important in Season 2

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Season 2 of Showtime’s hit series Yellowjackets is well underway and the series has already served up answers to many questions fans had headed into the season — particularly this week’s episode which finally resolved the mystery of what happened to Shauna’s baby. But with three episodes remaining after this week’s “Qui”, there are still questions to answer and according to the series’ showrunners, there are clues form Season 1 that have major significance as Season 2 concludes.

Warning: spoilers for this week’s episode of Yellowjackets beyond this point.

This week’s episode of Yellowjackets saw Shauna give birth to her baby in the wilderness, a son, but sadly he does not survive. While that answers one major question fans have had, the episode also sees, in the present timeline, the adult women reunite at Lottie’s retreat — and it seems like we’re poised to start getting more answers about exactly what happened in the wilderness that have prompted these women to be silent all these years. According to Ashley Lyle, there are moments — one in the series pilot and then one in Season 1, Episode 8, that will pay off before the end of the season.

“I will not give the context yet because it is spoilery, but there is a moment at the keg party in the pilot where Natalie is tripping and she sees Misty, and that is something that we planted very early on that will pay of later,” Lyle told Collider.

She also teased a specific line in Episode 8 that connects to the deck of cards that has become a part of the show’s iconography of sorts.

“There’s a throwaway line in … [episode 8]. But there’s a throwaway line where Travis is playing solitaire, or trying to play solitaire and Natalie tells him that there are no queens in that deck, and that was a plant very much for this season,” Lyle said.

While both clues are somewhat vague, they both seem to potentially connect to the idea of the Antler Queen. The end of Season 1 teased that Lottie was the Antler Queen, but series star Simone Kessell has suggested that the Antler Queen is bigger than one character.

“I remembering saying, ‘What is the Antler Queen? Is it a symbol, is it a metaphor, is it real?’ And I remember them going [no answer],” Kessell said.

“It can be kind of anything that we deem it to be,” she continued. “There was so much about Lottie being the Antler Queen. But really now, we’ve distilled it into the fact that the Antler Queen is a part of all of us, and she really was something that kind of kept these women going to survive in the wilderness. That was my interpretation of it. I had so many questions, but I was trying to play it cool.”

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