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Dragon Ball Super Cosplay Powers Up Ultra Ego Vegeta

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Dragon Ball Super really threw fans for a loop when it introduced a brand new form that was unique to Vegeta, and one awesome cosplay has helped to power up the Prince of All Saiyans once more by taking Vegeta into his Ultra Ego form! The Granolah the Survivor arc might have had a mostly divisive response among fans of the Dragon Ball Super manga during its initial run, but one of the things it did for the series was introduce some major new power ups and techniques for Goku and Vegeta that will likely shake up the future of the franchise in some big ways. 

With Goku not only unlocking Ultra Instinct, but activating it on multiple levels through the course of his fights since, Vegeta needed his own kind of power up to balance the scales. This brought out his own Ultra Ego form that was unique to Vegeta alone, and came out with a very unique look to boot as he got closer to unleashing the powers of a God of Destruction. Now artist @elia.fery on Instagram has brought Ultra Ego Vegeta to life with some pitch perfect cosplay of the cool Dragon Ball Super form! Check it out: 

Dragon Ball Super: What is Ultra Ego? 

Vegeta introduced his Ultra Ego form during the events of the Granolah the Survivor arc, and Vegeta revealed that he had been training with it in secret as his own way of catching up to Goku’s now godlike power with Ultra Instinct. Training together with Beerus to figure out how a God of Destruction uses their Hakai power, this new form was distinctly something Vegeta was able to craft with his new Hakai training and all of the Super Saiyan abilities he has unlocked to this point. 

Ultra Ego is also a much different kind of form that Ultra Instinct in battle. While it makes Vegeta much stronger, it also makes him essentially a glass cannon in a fight. Vegeta gets stronger with every new bit of damage he takes, but it’s also at the cost of taking that immense level of damage as well. But since we’ve only seen it in a single fight, there’s still all sorts of potential for Ultra Ego Vegeta in the future. 

What are you hoping to see from Vegeta’s Ultra Ego form in Dragon Ball Super’s future? Let us know all of your thoughts about it and everything Dragon Ball in the comments! 

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